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English Basic Conversations – ESL Elementary Conversations 2


Free English Conversations with AUDIO

The objective of learning a language is to communicate to other people correctly. Conversations are crucial to us and students need to practice listening to them so that they can later use phrases and structures when they communicate orally.

Talking in English is something that many students avoid. There are many reasons. Some feel their grammar isn’t that solid, others are too worried about pronunciation and many just are afraid of making terrible mistakes. But my question is: “How are you going to improve your oral communication if you do not practice?” If you avoid speaking in English and participating actively in English Conversations you will not improve.

Many students tend to concentrate on reading books and studying rules and this practice can help but only to a point. Remember how you learned your native language. Did you learn grammar rules? When you speak naturally do you translate or think about tenses and structures? The answer is “no”. We learn naturally by listening. When you were a child you listened to people speaking to you and made deductions of the meaning. Then you copied and repeated those same phrases.

This is why it is important to listen to conversations so that we can learn phrases and them incorporate them in our own vocabulary. Grammar can help but to obtain fluency it is important to listen and to repeat to real English conversations.

Today we are going to share a great simple website with essential and basic English conversations with audio. I recommend listening first to the audio WITHOUT reading. Then follow the listening activity by reading the transcript. Finally, WRITE DOWN the phrases you think are important and repeat them as many times as possible.

To go to the website please click on the following link: Then you will find a menu like the following picture:
As you see, you can find a list of basic Elementary  English conversation topics. Click on the one that you would like to practice. After that you will be directed to another menu and then you will find a site similar to the following image:

At the top you can find the audio program when you can listen to the English conversation. Below you will find the transcript so that you can follow the conversation.

Thank you for your support and remember to practice listening to English conversations so that you can improve your oral communication. If you have any questions or suggestions of any sites do not hesitate in leaving a comment.

LINK ” Free Basic English Conversations”

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    Your English teaching system is great.

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