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Reading is crucial if you want to expand your vocabulary and become more familiar with the English language. When you read you are practicing different aspects and learning English in different ways. Many teachers tell students to read but do not explain why. It is important to let the students know the importance of reading in English.

When we learn English we are presented with grammatical structures, vocabulary, pronunciation and many other useful information that helps us understand English. However, one thing is to learn them and another one is to use them when we speak. Students usually use a guide such as a Student Book where they have a study plan and strategy. Teachers evaluate them through tests and then they move on to the next level.

A unit in average takes from 10 to 16 hours. These include grammar presentation and exercises, pronunciation and reading activities and vocabulary. The problem is that most students mechanically go through the units quickly because they think that if they go faster though the units they will learn quicker. This is not accurate. I have many students who come to my class with an “intermediate” level and speak like a true “elementary” level student. Many students are surprised and feel a bit frustrated because they think that the more levels they study will translate into speaking English fluently.

So, what is the problem? Why do many students advance and move to upper levels but do not communicate properly accordingly to the level they are studying?

Like I have mentioned many times, learning English is a business. Institutes and learning centers want to sell and make money. They market packages that guarantee learning English in very little time. The problem is that learning English is subjective. It is obvious that one will learn English but what does it mean to communicate in English? It is easy to say you will learn and communicate in English is little time but they do not guarantee how well you will communicate.

A good teacher has to be honest with their students. A student book (or many) will not make you talk fluently. Speaking naturally is a long term goal that involves a lot of work and practice. It takes time and sustained motivation and creativity to make learning English entertaining.

Reading is a great tool that helps us improve in almost every aspect. We are given a context, a lot of vocabulary and grammar structures are used withing a given topic helping you learn phrases and practicing English.

Today we would like to recommend Reader’s Digest online. In many institutes students are given assignments using this magazine and with the use of the Internet we can practice reading this magazine online for free. It is a great resource and contains many helpful articles that are interesting. I highly recommend reading this page to help you learn English.

Link: English Reading online for free – READER’S DIGEST ONLINE

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