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Welcome to EnglishLinking,

Grammar is all about practice. The theory that is learned in class needs to be reinforced by practice and repetition. For this reason today we would like to share an online WORKBOOK.

Grammar can be challenging for many students. This approach to learning English is probably the most common and popular used to learn English. Despite this, knowing grammar does not guarantee fluency! It is how we apply the grammar rules and structure to a communicative level.The goal is to obtain fluency and to be able to communicate in English in an effective way. Therefore, we must use all the different channels we have to succeed.

In this post we are sharing an online workbook which includes exercises and explanations which helps practice many different areas. The file is a PDF document which you can DOWNLOAD and  print.


<<<<<<<<<<< DOWNLOAD HERE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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  1. hamid says:

    i just like to learn English best

  2. jose victor says:

    El ingles es muy necesario para todo el mundo. me gusta mucho.

  3. I want to learn English well

  4. jemal says:

    may you give me English grammar please ?

  5. kebe says:

    Dear all,
    i just want to fill my self. This pdf is obtained more by accident than by design.

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