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English Pronunciation Podcast – PHONETIC ENGLISH AUDIO 2


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Many students and even teachers do not focus much on pronunciation. Some start focusing on it in higher levels while others do not pay any attention to it. However, pronunciation is quite important because if one pronounces incorrectly the whole message can change.

The goal of learning English is not only to understood by other people but not to be misunderstood. One may communicate with one message in mind but gets a different message across. Many times this is because of bad pronunciation. In addition, many times students do not understand native speakers because they cannot figure out what they are saying because of poor listening. Why do they have poor listening? Because they do not know the correct pronunciation of the words.

Pronunciation is not easy. It takes time and effort but it improves your oral communication. A student has to practice a lot and the best way is to start listening.

The “EnglishPronunciationPod” is a podcast that focuses on pronunciation. It is a great way of learning the different English sounds and to practice them with a native speaker. The audio and podcast is free and it is updated frequently.

Link: “English Pronunciation Podcast – learn how to pronounce English BETTER”

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  1. RAMON MORENO says:

    This exercises are good for me, I have problems with the pronunciation and these lessons really help me. Thanks !!!!!!!!

  2. Hello i need help, i dont know download this podcast in charge in my mp3

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