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English READING online MATERIAL – National Geographic 0


Learning English online – Best ESL links on the Internet

Reading is without a doubt one of the most important ways to improve our English communicative skills. It is simple, if you want to learn English YOU MUST READ. In this post we are going to share a link where you can practice reading in English online.

When we read in English we must be interested in what we are reading. Many students think that by just forcing themselves to read they will improve but it is not true.  Reading has to be an enjoyable activity and not something forced upon us. For this to happen we must read about things that interest us. Students rely on reading sections in student books but many times these are not appropriate or just simply boring.

Today we are sharing a great site with wonderful reading resources. It is the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC online where you can find interesting reading material in English. Just follow the link atthe end of this post.

LINK: English reading online NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

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