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Giving and Following directions in ENGLISH 3


Using the imperative form to give and follow directions – INTERACTIVE GAME

Giving and following directions in English can be difficult to master because students DO NOT practice enough. Today we are going to recommend a very fun and interesting way to practice how to give and follow directions in English.

When we travel to other cities and places it is important to know how to follow directions. It is essential because we need to know where important stores and places are located (e.g drugstores, malls, hospitals, restaurants, train stations, airports etc). Most students learn how to give directions in the elementary level. In general, we use the imperative form and the prepositions and preposition of movement to express ourselves when giving or following directions. However most students do not practice this essential tool and have many problems.

Destination Impossible is a game created by the developers at the BBC to practice how to understand and follow directions. This game is very simple. First you have to choose a character like in the image below

Then you are given assignments or objectives to complete depending on the character you choose.

Finally, once you choose the task, you will start the interactive game. You will start at one specific point in the map and you will have to choose among the letters “A,B or C” according to the directions and instructions.

Destination Impossible is an excellent way of practicing how to follow instructions with the imperative form and also to review important vocabulary so that you never get lost in any city or town.

LINK: “Game to learn how to follow directions in ENGLISH”

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  1. Samantha says:

    Thank you so much for this. I’m teaching following directions to my students and this will give them a great way to practice!

  2. Mariana says:

    The new link to this game is:

    I got a hard time looking for this!


  3. tati says:

    thank you very much Marianna and i had a problem to find this game! good work!

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