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Knowing grammar rules is not enough. One has to take these rules and make them feel natural so that when we speak we do not even think but just react. One teacher told me, “To speak fluently we have to take the grammar rules to the subconscious level”. I agree. There are many grammar rules and when one speaks one had seconds to react. Can you imagine if you have to answer thinking in the thousands of rules?

So, how do we make the grammar rules feel natural? The only way is be practicing. It is something that students hate listening because practicing takes time and there is no easy way. We have to keep on repeating phrases in context so that our brain can accept it and know when to use them in conversations.  It is a quite simple process but it takes hard work.

Today we have a short list of English tests from TestYourEnglish with some online exercises. We will keep posting as much material as we can so that the students can have tools to improve their communicative activities.



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