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Learn Business English – ESL Videos to practice Business vocabulary 1


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When we learn English we must try to include as many topics as we can. That is why listening and reading is important because we explore and learn new vocabulary and phrases. In this post we will share a page with 15 episodes in video format to practice business English

Many times when we hear the term Business English some people  think that  the learning process if very different from normal or commercial English. However, the structures students learn is the same. The only difference is the context and vocabulary.  To learn to speck better in business settings the only thing we need to do is to practice phrases that are common in these situations and to learn some technical vocabulary. The rest (for example: tenses, pronunciation, writing, grammar) is exactly the same.

Therefore, in order to improve  our overall communication in business settings we need to prepare ourselves listening and studying phrases and vocabulary appropriate for formal business situation. In this post we are going to share a great web page to study and learn business English.

The Australia Network has a business section to help students communicate better in English in this formal situations. They present 15 episodes in which we will find videos that cover different English business situations. After each video is presented we will have the opportunity to review the transcript and practice the diverse business English vocabulary presented in each video. There is nothing like practicing English than hearing it being used in context so HAVE FUN!

Link: Learn BUSINESS ENGLISH with online FREE videos

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