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Movie Clips to practice ENGLISH – Video Movie SCENES 0


Learning English on the Internet for free – MOVIE CLIPS to practice ENGLISH

Do you like movies? If you do then you can’t miss this post. Today we are going to review a great website of free clips from your favorite  movies and all for FREE

Videos are a great way to practice English. First there is always a context and we have images to help us understand better conversations. We can hear and see how different structures are used in context so that we can start familiarizing with the diverse phrases that we hear. Many people learn vocabulary with videos without memorizing lists because we learn then unconsciously. The more we can see videos with English conversations the better our English comprehension will get. is an extraordinary site with free videos related to movies. These videos are just clips and extracts form movies but you can view them to practice English. You can choose the clips by category, movie name, actor and more!  Here we have an example from the MOVIE 2012:

Take advantage of the different resources that Internet gives us and remember that practice makes perfection. To visit MovieClips follow the link at the end of this POST:

LINK: Practice English with videos online for FREE – MOVIE CLIPS

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