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Practice ENGLISH listening – FREE ESL AUDIO CLIPS online 1


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Listening is key in our long journey to become fluent and speak English naturally. If you do not practice listening then you will simply have problems understanding English and will struggle to communicate properly.For many the problem is not practicing but finding the right material and audio clips and files to improve our English listening skills. The Internet provides us with very useful listening files that can help us but many have trouble finding them. In this post we will share a very useful and practical website to practice English listening.

It is important to practice listening but we need to do it the right way. One of the problems that English students have is that they do not hear the right listening clips. Many try to hear audio clips which are just too difficult while others listen to very simple conversations. The idea is to listen to audio clips and listening exercises which suit your level. If you are a beginner then listen to conversations that challenge you but that are not too difficult. Then go step by step and listen to more difficult listening exercises gradually. is a great ESL listening resource page with many audio and listening exercises. The best part is that the listening audio exercises are organized in levels (High beginner, Low Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced) to help students find the best and more suitable exercises. Simple follow the link at the end of this post and choose the right level. Then choose from the suggested selection of listening exercises.

LINK: English Listening exercises – ESL FREE AUDIO FILES ONLINE

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